Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Alex Caught On Tape

Uploaded by on Sep 18, 2011
"Alex Wiguna Putra Cfo, one of Indo's best riders ripping with a borrowed bike and gear on a fun Balinese track. Featuring us loosing our sheeeet over the top lad throwing it around like a boss"

Maybe some of you are curious how is Alex stunt on the bike so here's the video. I found this video when I randomly typed Alex's name at YouTube, and his video shockingly popped up, so I need to download it (said the voice inside my head). In this video, Alex got borrowed motorbike, and he did one round riding. Based on my point of view *I'm not a Motocross expert* he rides it smoothly, especially at the bar-to-bar, he just lift his bike smoothly without necessarily slowing down the gas *very smooth*
This video was made by his foreigner friend. You can find it here at YouTube.

For Your Information: I haven't slept for 18 hours so I decided to make this post, I keep thinking about my Final Exam due on Friday, it'll decide my last mark at University, so I can get rid of the University task from now on, that is why I couldn't post anything since the first of July, because I need to take care of my final exam.

Thank You for watching and Happy Fasting!!

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