Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Pleasure and Leisure

You guys must be curious what the hobby of a National Motocross Champion is. Well, let me guide you to get closer to Alexander Wiguna.

As you know, he lives in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia, there are a lot of marvelous beaches ready to be visited.



Surfing is the first hobby  of Alexander Wiguna. This is related to motocross because it helps him to maintain balance when he is on the bike, and of course it also for his leisure.He always surf when the wave high and he always do this activity at Lombok, Senggigi, Gerupuk, Desert Point beach. This activity is challenging for him because he can feel the strength of a wave itself.

the water, please. makes me wanna jump into it

swing it




Well, motocross rider cannot be separated from things that have wheels on it, right? These is closely related to motocross because as you know, BMX stands for Bicycle MotoX . Even though this hobby is just for leisure purpose for him but if he lucky he can get a new trick for FMX -Free Style Motocross- 

his bmx style





He keeps dogs as a guard of his house and also pets keep the stress away, you see. :) 

those two is too cute too handle

all photos from Alexander Wiguna

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