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Magnificent Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia in the island of Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat. On the top of  volcano is a caldera which is filled partially by the Crater Lake known as Segara Anak. Rinjani volcano on the island of Lombok rises to 3726 metres above sea level. Surround the mountain contains of the lake itself, hot spring, beautiful cave, waterfall, savannah, and many rivers, so you can fulfil your eyes satisfaction with the beauty of mount Rinjani.

the waterfall

the Crater

the spectacular view


For  your information, Alex is such an adventurous person, he can't stand alone doing nothing –haha-, so while its Summer and the National Championship is on the break too, he decided to go to Mount Rinjani with his fellows. The journey –LOL- start at July 2nd, from the base camp to the top of the mountain it takes 3, 5 hours. When it in the noon the sun is soo nice but it’s freezing the arse off! 15 Celsius degree (O_O), wait until the evening comes, it will reach 5 Celsius degrees –bloody freezing!

in the tip of a cliff

I don't know what pose is this. haha

hands, pleaseeeee -haha-

There was a funny thing happened, when Alex wants to go down from the top of the mountain, he took off his shirt and started to go down shirtless (with his friends also) even though the weather were so cold he sweaty because he ran. Then he ran to catch his foreigner friends, unfortunately he arrived at the base camp in only one hour, can you imagine it took 3, 5 hours to go uphill and only one hour to go down the mount –ROTFL- his friends and Alex also run out supply of food, so he had to catch some fishes in the lake. He dares to go swimming on the lake too, even though the weather is so cold.

its freezing!

funny pose at the cave

run out supply of food

The trip ended at July the 5th. It was such a great way to spend your holiday, to see the beauty of Lombok from the top of the mountain, and also to admire the magic created by our Mighty God. :) So you guys, if you want to feel the same experience you can go to Lombok, meet Alex and he can lead you to an unforgettable trip of your life :) 

For more complete photos, you can take a peek here at Alex’s Facebook account. See you on the next trip!! RAD!!

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