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Dive, Surf, Beach

Ohisashiburi~ -long time no see- 
Does anyone knows @RHaryantoracing? He's an Indonesian Racing Driver 2012 GP Series, Marussia Carlin Team, from Solo :) . Couple weeks ago, he spent his holiday at Lombok, he stayed at Alex's Hotel, that is Central Inn at Senggigi.

The Gank

At the first day, The Boys went to Suranadi, they had lunch there at Alex's friend restaurant. "The good food called 'sate pesut' you guys have to try it." said Alex. After that they straight away went to Alang-Alang surround Senggigi beach, because Rio wanted to try to surf but unfortunately the water was low tide.

smile :)

Second day, The Boys went to dive at Gili Trawangan, the spot called Sunset Reef, based on the plan, The Boys wanted to see a group of sharks, but the sharks did not show up. They dived and Alex was the Instructor, the other fellows just did snorkeling, because they did not have any diving license, the boys had lunch at Gili Meno, and continue their diving at Gili Meno, there were a lot of sea turtle and the reef is so colourful, soo pretty, you have to watch it!

the two gentleman

the Sun is set

heading the beach

Third day, The Boys went to Gili Trawangan from Alex's Transit Hotel, it was only took 20 minutes from the hotel to Gili Trawangan. The Boys just sun-bath at the beach until they got tanned :D they spent their night by having dinner at Alberto Cafe, they dined with the owner of the restaurant, Alberto, from Italy.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Wiguna Putra
Edited by me.

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