Senin, 06 Mei 2013

#1 Round Int'l MX Championship Jogjakarta

Whoaaa, it's been a year since first MX Champ held last year. And for the first round held at MaguwoHarjo circuit, Jogjakarta. :)

There were a lot of changes for Alex in 2013 season. First, Alex got a new team, he joined Dumasari Boostar, he got a new bike Honda CRF250R, and he had  new haircut too (lol)
For qualification he got 3rd place, Maguwo Harjo quite hard, it was sandy, dry, and the weather was too hot on this April.

Moto 1

Alex started from 3rd and they should finish the race for 30 minutes plus 2 laps , the race started at 1 pm and it was really hot -burning my arse off-, the circuit keeper kept watering the circuit to keep it down. Actually the circuit type was nice for motocross, because the tire could grip the sandy circuit tightly but it was hard because of the weather. Alex fought hard with Lewis Stewart #7 and Jernej Irt #20 for the first 5 or 6 laps but he slowed down after that. Aldi Lazaroni and Ivan Harry chased him and the three of them kept chasing until the race end. Then finally Alex got 3rd for Moto 1.

Moto 2

Luckily the gap between Moto 1 and Moto 2 was about an hour so Alex could rest and return his strength back again. This Moto 2 pretty much same with Moto 1 except the sun was set so it was rather nice to race. He only fought hard with Aldi Lazaroni and Ivan Harry again. These three rider fought real hard during 30 minutes plus 2 laps. He finished at 3rd again.

The reason why Alex couldn't race maximally because he rarely had a work-out for this event, he should manage his time between studying in the college and daily activities. He only had one chance for Motocross practice, imagine what if he do a lot of Motocross work-out, the result must be different, eh~. Do not forget to cheer him at the next round at Kuningan, West Java. #FYI Do you know that his mate Rio Haryanto, yup that Rio Haryanto GP2 Rider came up to Jogja to cheer Alex, because he didn't have any race schedule this two weeks, so he could see how Alex doing the race, nice :) 

Photo courtesy @Azgar_GM
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Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Thailand MXGP

Hi there, mates! howdy? Happy Easter :)

Here, Alex wants to share his experience at Thailand MXGP last March, 9th.
For your information, Alex got 4th position at the race, he said that the race was fun and the Thailand rider was so tough rider, and the worst part was Alex got standard bike, not a costumise bike for race. So, that is why he got 4th place. Not bad, eh? :)

 He liked to race here at Thailand because it was more discipline and all the rider had a fighting spirit, so Alex highly motivated to fight also. Alex wants to have a practice there :)

with Aldi Lazaroni #88

P.S: Let's cheer him for National Championship season 2013 :)

Photo courtesy Alexander Wiguna Putra

Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Surf Baby Surf

Hi mateeeessssss! Oh my God, it's like it's been decade there is no update from Alex. Yup! he's busy doing some random outdoor activities lately, like bmx-ing, surfing, practicing motocross, and stuffs. 

Few days ago he surfed at Kapanan Surf at Mawun, Nusa Tenggara Barat with his lads :) this was related to motocross also because it can help Alex to maintain his balance at the bike too. With cold beers sounded nice, eh? :) 

let's go surf!

He's now preparing a big motocross championship at Thailand next March 7th. Please support :))

Photo courtesy of Alexander Wiguna  

Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Me, Myself, and I

The 2013's racing season is way too far, so here Alex posted some photos to make you know him more. This post is just about photos of Alex and his life, because Life is a Trip :))

went to mx practice

Alex in short hair

MX practice

Alex's MX shop

Team-mate, Aldi Lazaroni #88

Alex's father

Duck face pose

the ride and Alex's dog

Photo courtesy of Alexander Wiguna Putra

Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

2012's PowerCross Series

Hi there mates! how's your day been like lately? year end is about to come eh, what is your best achievement this year? :) and what is your wish ahead?

PowerCross series finally over a week before Christmas, it was a rather hard PowerCross series than last year, and quite different also than last year. This year, Powercross held for just 3 series, all of them held in East Java and it held during daylight not in the evening. 
The first city was Banyuwangi, it was a border between the island of Java and Bali. The circuit type was common circuit in Indonesia, lots of foreign crosser joined in this event. In the first Powercross series, Alex did not get a lot of trouble here, just he did not participated in Power-to-Power.

The second series held at Kediri, it was quite hard circuit for Alex, the hardest circuit, it was sandy type of circuit, with palm-size rock on the it And also the rhythm section was hard too. In this event, Alex got holeshot at Moto 2, nice eh :).

Malang series, the last series the tense among the rider quite hard, all of the rider wanted to close the series well, so do Alex, he finally got second position. But in the end, there was a problem then, the committee decided to cheque all of the rider bike just in case to cheque whose cheat. Alex got unlucky shot, his bike and machine number got accidently exchange with Aldi, his team-mate, so Alex got disqualified from the whole series, the title #2 National for Powercross cancelled. Alex took this easy though. After the race, Alex continued practice his bike skill and tried a new sport, down-hill bike, as you know, Alex is an outdoor person, he cannot stand still without doing anything during holiday season, right? now, we are waiting what's new from Alex next year. Alex thank to his team who help him through the motocross series in 2012, thanks to his fans who always support him, and family as well.

notice something different? yup, Alex is growing mustache LOL

"you better not cry, you better not lie, you better not pout I'm telling you why, cause Santa Claus is coming to town."

"Happy Christmas everybody, hopefully the peacefulness and the love from the Christ always be with us. I wish you a Happy Christmas, Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year. Cheers! xx" Alexander Wiguna Putra.

the editor said it was phenomenon holeshot :)

P.S. Alex also featured on TREX Magazine, the first dirt bike magazine in Indonesia, his holeshot at National Motocross is in it and also the summerise of 2012 MX Champ.

Photo courtesy Ardie Nugroho and random

Kamis, 08 November 2012

Final Battle of IRC Int'l Motocross Championship 2012

The motocross season 2012 is about to an end at Harvest City Circuit, Cibubur. There must be a high tension during the race to determine who's gonna get the title of being number one motocross rider in Indonesia. Alex got this title at 2010, but he got 2nd place at 2011. He got highly motivation to take over the title from Andre Sondakh #101 -the 2011 champion- though the race tells differently. Here's the story...


So, Alex started the race from 7th place he got at qualification, he did not get much trouble at Moto 1 just because of the power of the bike he couldn't race maximally. He fought with Gerry Senna for the first two laps, after that he race alone, the front line was too far and the back line was too far too, so he race alone until the end of 30 minutes plus 2 laps, he finished at 9th place. Well, we couldn't guess what happened at the race, could we?

funny pose

At Moto 2, he got trouble when he fell down at R3 on the first lap such a waste of time, you see, although he got holeshot at this Moto 2 *pretty awesome , eh* but, yeahh Alex finished at 8th place in this Moto 2. quite regrettable knowing that he got holeshot before, though that was race :)  The good news from the circuit was Alex got the title as 3RD NATIONAL MOTOCROSS CHAMPION!!  :D he kindheartedly accepted this champion.

Well, the mx season perhaps has ended but Alex still got plenty of race to go, like Powercross Championship next month, hopefully he'll get better and better!!

Photo courtesy of Ardie Nugroho edited by the writer
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Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

IRC International Motocross Championship #6

Hi mates! long time no update :) here I tell you about the recent Motocross event in Indonesia.
The last MX Championship held at Maguwoharjo Circuit, Jogjakarta. You know, Jogja has a lot of rider whether road race, drag race, or motocross itself. So, Jogja's the right place to hold MX event. 
Here the story begins...

Moto 1 Race

Alex got 4th place for qualification, it was a good starting position because its close to inner berm for R1, in this race he should race for 30 minutes plus 2 more laps. Unlucky at this Moto 1 Alex got stuck in R1 because of several rider whose fall down at R1 too, there were Agi Agassi #17, Farhan Hendro #162, Ivan Harry #33 , and Alex himself. So he should catch up the race from the very bottom line, there were several complications too at R3, Zulfikar #161 fell down at R3 and he blocked the way to get through and Alex almost hit the team of Zulfikar whose try to rescue him, it was quite distracting Alex concentration. Lap by lap Alex upgraded his position from the very-bottom and finally he stand at 3rd for several time, the distance between 2nd was too far, that was Andre Sondakh at 2nd position. After a very long battle at Moto 1, Alex finished at 3rd place National, and 4th for International.

Moto 2 Race

At this Moto 2, he got some random accident too, he fell once again at R1, this time he fell with Rubin Macrae from Husqvarna team, and his legs stuck at Rubin's tire for several minutes, it was wasting Alex time and Alex began the race from the very bottom line once more. Lap by lap he got a great fight with Aep Dadang #35, and Adi Aprian #27, the three of them fight for 6th, 7th, 8th, this line stand for 20 minutes, when finally Aep Dadang slowed down and left the fight between Alex and Adi Aprian. And Alex finished at 6th place. Beyond expectation.

crash with Rubin

For Alex, the circuit was quite beneficial because it was sandy circuit, just like the circuit at Lombok, then the tire could grip the sand tightly better than soil circuit. This race also wasted his physical strength because Alex just finished Supercross Championship at Thailand at Sunday, so he couldn't get enough time for rest and for practice.  Alex get a huge motivation for the last race at Harvest City, because he wants his title as National Champion back, the gap for #1 rider is 6 points Andre Sondakh #101 233 points and Alex get 227 points. You can watch this match at MNC Sport at your cable tv.

Having conversation with Adi Aprian before the race

My appearance, at last

photo courtesy by Ardie Nugroho and Agustin Soesilo
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