Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

IRC International Motocross Championship #6

Hi mates! long time no update :) here I tell you about the recent Motocross event in Indonesia.
The last MX Championship held at Maguwoharjo Circuit, Jogjakarta. You know, Jogja has a lot of rider whether road race, drag race, or motocross itself. So, Jogja's the right place to hold MX event. 
Here the story begins...

Moto 1 Race

Alex got 4th place for qualification, it was a good starting position because its close to inner berm for R1, in this race he should race for 30 minutes plus 2 more laps. Unlucky at this Moto 1 Alex got stuck in R1 because of several rider whose fall down at R1 too, there were Agi Agassi #17, Farhan Hendro #162, Ivan Harry #33 , and Alex himself. So he should catch up the race from the very bottom line, there were several complications too at R3, Zulfikar #161 fell down at R3 and he blocked the way to get through and Alex almost hit the team of Zulfikar whose try to rescue him, it was quite distracting Alex concentration. Lap by lap Alex upgraded his position from the very-bottom and finally he stand at 3rd for several time, the distance between 2nd was too far, that was Andre Sondakh at 2nd position. After a very long battle at Moto 1, Alex finished at 3rd place National, and 4th for International.

Moto 2 Race

At this Moto 2, he got some random accident too, he fell once again at R1, this time he fell with Rubin Macrae from Husqvarna team, and his legs stuck at Rubin's tire for several minutes, it was wasting Alex time and Alex began the race from the very bottom line once more. Lap by lap he got a great fight with Aep Dadang #35, and Adi Aprian #27, the three of them fight for 6th, 7th, 8th, this line stand for 20 minutes, when finally Aep Dadang slowed down and left the fight between Alex and Adi Aprian. And Alex finished at 6th place. Beyond expectation.

crash with Rubin

For Alex, the circuit was quite beneficial because it was sandy circuit, just like the circuit at Lombok, then the tire could grip the sand tightly better than soil circuit. This race also wasted his physical strength because Alex just finished Supercross Championship at Thailand at Sunday, so he couldn't get enough time for rest and for practice.  Alex get a huge motivation for the last race at Harvest City, because he wants his title as National Champion back, the gap for #1 rider is 6 points Andre Sondakh #101 233 points and Alex get 227 points. You can watch this match at MNC Sport at your cable tv.

Having conversation with Adi Aprian before the race

My appearance, at last

photo courtesy by Ardie Nugroho and Agustin Soesilo
Edited by the writer

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  1. ya walaupun kemarin race di jogja kurang memuaskan alex karena insiden, tapi kamu telah berjuang untuk menjadi yang terbaik, maka dari itu untuk race yg terakhir besok tgl 4 di cibubur semoga alex bisa dalam perfom yang benar2 fit agar bisa menjadi juara nasional & bangga membawa nama NTB, Good Luck alex, mudah2an besok bisa nyaksiin secara langsung ke Cibubur serkuit Harvest City *_*

    1. "for the next race I have a great determination to get my title back, so keep supporting me, mate." -Alex Wiguna-

  2. "Good Luck Alex, kami selalu mendukung mu karna kamu adalah crosser termuda harapan bangsa indonesia saat ini"...
    Bang Tolong share donk jadwal balapan alex untuk powercrossnya, Lombok sama Jogja dapat bagian pelaksanaan ngak, , ?

    1. untuk jadwal Powercross sepertinya akan main di area Jatim dan Bali