Selasa, 18 September 2012

5th Round of the National Motocross Championship

Alex got hole shot

There was always a "luck" factor behind everything that we do. Just like Alex here, for the last race he did not get the best. Unlucky, he's not healthy enough for the race because of the last wound he got and it wasn't  fully recover yet, and the bruised around his knee kept distracting him. Then also the distant between the 5th and 6th National Championship is too close so Alex did not get enough time for practicing.

moto 1

It wasn't a smooth race, not the best for an Alex, although he kept pushing himself to the limit. He was still have to hold his knee pain, so he wasn't lucky for his performance because of his healthiness, and he finished at 5th place for Int'l Championship and 3rd for National Championship. Even though, he got hole shot for this moto 1, that's Alex! :)

with his team-mate Aldi Lazaroni #88

During the battle

moto 2

At moto 2, the pain getting worse since he got 7th place. He thinks that there were no problem to beat the other local rider, it was just because of his injuries. He just got some complications with Jernej Irt (the toughest rider)

He promises to his supporters and his mates to do the best for the following Championship, he will get a hard mx practice and he will maintain his health as well.  

the intoxicating smile

P.S: Do you know that Sep, 19th is Alex's birthday. Say your best greeting, wishing, and pray here at his accounts. :)
Photo taken by Ardie Nugroho
Edited by the writer

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