Kamis, 08 November 2012

Final Battle of IRC Int'l Motocross Championship 2012

The motocross season 2012 is about to an end at Harvest City Circuit, Cibubur. There must be a high tension during the race to determine who's gonna get the title of being number one motocross rider in Indonesia. Alex got this title at 2010, but he got 2nd place at 2011. He got highly motivation to take over the title from Andre Sondakh #101 -the 2011 champion- though the race tells differently. Here's the story...


So, Alex started the race from 7th place he got at qualification, he did not get much trouble at Moto 1 just because of the power of the bike he couldn't race maximally. He fought with Gerry Senna for the first two laps, after that he race alone, the front line was too far and the back line was too far too, so he race alone until the end of 30 minutes plus 2 laps, he finished at 9th place. Well, we couldn't guess what happened at the race, could we?

funny pose

At Moto 2, he got trouble when he fell down at R3 on the first lap such a waste of time, you see, although he got holeshot at this Moto 2 *pretty awesome , eh* but, yeahh Alex finished at 8th place in this Moto 2. quite regrettable knowing that he got holeshot before, though that was race :)  The good news from the circuit was Alex got the title as 3RD NATIONAL MOTOCROSS CHAMPION!!  :D he kindheartedly accepted this champion.

Well, the mx season perhaps has ended but Alex still got plenty of race to go, like Powercross Championship next month, hopefully he'll get better and better!!

Photo courtesy of Ardie Nugroho edited by the writer
*Sorry for the lack of the photo*

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  1. Selamat Alex jauara 3 nasional motorcross, semoga di seri Powercross besok bisa menjadi yang lebih baik & meraih tahta tertinggi No 1, Good Luck...