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National Motocross Championship #5

R one

Round 4 National Motocross Championship held at Mortoloyo Circuit, Tegal. This round held after a very loooong summer break, and Alex was ready to beat it! For your information, the type of this circuit is sandy and dry.

Moto 1

The day before the race Alex had a smooth qualification, Alex got an advantage for getting #5 position at qualification. Alex kept nailing the International rider until the last lap and he kept on his position then finally he got #3 International Champion and #1 for National Champion for Moto 1.

my team-mate Aldi Lazaroni #88

Moto 2

For Moto 2 there were some random complications, Alex crashed at R1 with his team-mate Aldi Lazaroni #88, Agi Agassi #17 and Lewis Stewart, so that he should beat the track from behind the line. Because of that accident Alex should hold the bruised pain on his knee. Until he continued  for several lap, Alex fell once again, and his right arm hurt so bad and he got wound on his palm because of lack of motocross practice -he had to admit it- so he couldn't maximally race. Unlucky he finished 14th place.

the Beatle

Alex also featured at some online websites here at Maniak Motor

Please pray for Alex's healthiness so he can get another podium for the next Championship at Sept, 16th at Ciamis, West Java. And do not forget to watch this match at MNC Sport Channel, Friday 7.30 p.m if I'm not mistaken.

Photos courtesy of Ardie Nugroho
Edited by the writer  

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