Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Thailand MXGP

Hi there, mates! howdy? Happy Easter :)

Here, Alex wants to share his experience at Thailand MXGP last March, 9th.
For your information, Alex got 4th position at the race, he said that the race was fun and the Thailand rider was so tough rider, and the worst part was Alex got standard bike, not a costumise bike for race. So, that is why he got 4th place. Not bad, eh? :)

 He liked to race here at Thailand because it was more discipline and all the rider had a fighting spirit, so Alex highly motivated to fight also. Alex wants to have a practice there :)

with Aldi Lazaroni #88

P.S: Let's cheer him for National Championship season 2013 :)

Photo courtesy Alexander Wiguna Putra

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